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Adopt FAQ

You can adopt dogs at our weekly adoption events! We post where events will be on our Facebook page and website. You need to fill out and save an adoption application either before the event or during the event. Please have references ready to speak to us on the phone. If you send your application to before 12pm the Friday before the event, we will process it before the event. It is first come, first serve and we don’t put holds on dogs.

Please note that we do not adopt dogs out of state.  

Puppies are $325 and Adults are $275. There is a $12.99 fee to the microchip company to register the microchip to the adopter.
All dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. You will also receive a coupon for 30 days of pet insurance. At some events, you will also receive a coupon book.
No. We do not adopt siblings to the same household. Siblings will bond to each other and not their humans or other dogs. This can become very problematic. It is our policy to not adopt siblings to the same household.
No, there is no money back guarantee. If a dog has a health issue while they were in rescue that comes to light after the adoption, we will pay for the issue ONLY at one of our approved veterinarians. You must contact us immediately if this occurs so we can make arrangements to get your dog to the vet.
You can return the dog you adopted without refund only at an adoption event. You also must contact us before you relinquish your dog so we can make proper arrangements for the dog and you can fill out forms.
We recommend that you adopt no more than two dogs as it is very stressful on both the dogs and your household.
It takes about 15 minutes at the event. If you email to us, you should receive a call in about 24-48 hrs. You can decrease the time it takes to process your adoption application, by having references who are ready to answer the phone and speak to us.
Please bring your printed adoption application if you do not email it before Friday at 12pm before the event. If you lease your home, please bring a copy of your lease agreement that states you are allowed to have a dog.
Yes, but you must bring a copy of your lease agreement to the adoption event when you adopt. It must state that you are allowed to have a dog(s).
Unfortunately, no, we only do adoptions at adoption events so you must attend an event.
No. Our events are strictly first come, first serve. Even if you submit an adoption application before the event, it is a general application, not for a particular dog.
No. Fosters are not allowed to give a dog to anyone. You must come to the event to adopt the dog. Only then is the dog yours to take home!
Absolutely!! We love when fosters adopt!! You still must come to the event with the dog to do the adoption.
You can bring your dog to the adoption event to see if they get along. Adult dogs are also available for ‘foster to adopt’ where you can foster for a week and see if they are compatible.
Yes, you take the dog home with your once the adoption is completed.