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Foster FAQ

Fill out a foster application and agreement and submit it to DCCR. You can find our foster application on our website under “fostering”. Please send your application to If you are interested in fostering a particular dog who you have seen on our Facebook page or website, please specify who you are interested in.
All of the dogs in your household need to be spayed/neutered and up to date on their vaccines. We recommend keeping your foster separate from your dogs for 10 days. You are required to keep litters separate from your dogs as mamas can be protective of their babies and need their space. You need to be able to take your foster(s) to one of our vets in Lakewood or Black Forest at least once and more if needed and then to adoption events on Saturdays. We have events every Saturday and they are usually in Castle Rock or Littleton.
We ask that you commit to foster until they dog/puppies are adopted. All dogs have a 10 day hold and then can go to the adoption event the following Saturday. Puppies must be 8 weeks before they can go to adoption events. The dogs must be taken to the vet for spay/neuter and any additional vetting needed before going to adoption events.
No, there is no cost to foster. DCCR will provide medical, food and supplies. You just provide a loving home.
You must give us notice as soon as possible and you are required to give us 72hrs to secure another foster. We always try to find another foster as soon as we can for everyone’s sake. If you can’t foster after an event if your foster does not get adopted, you need to let us know ASAP.
It depends! Some dogs are adopted at their first adoption event and others we have in rescue for months. We do our best to promote dogs who have been in rescue for lengthier periods to find them their forever homes. As a foster, sending us good pictures of the dog/puppies helps them to find their forever homes.
You are welcome to promote your foster on social media but all adoptions must occur through us and at adoption events. You may not take your foster to another home, however you may have potential adopters do ‘meet and greets’ at you home if you choose. We also ask that you send a flattering picture of your foster and a short bio to us the week before the adoption event so we can promote them on our facebook page.
No, you are not allowed to take rescue animal(s) to any other veterinarian other than the rescue veterinarians. We have vets in Lakewood and Black Forest. If you need to take your foster to the vet, you need to contact us first.
We give our fosters the first opportunity to adopt the dog they are fostering after the 10-day hold is up and the dog has been spayed or neutered. You must come to the adoption event to complete the adoption and fill out the paperwork. We also do ‘foster to adopt’ for many of our adult dogs already in rescue. You can adopt after a week of fostering if you choose. This is a good option to see if an adult dog is a good fit for your household.
Can I still foster? Answer- Yes, but please remember the more the dogs are moved around the more stress it places on them. Also you need to let the staff know what vacation plans you have prior to fostering so we can make arrangements as soon as possible.
No, Foster dogs are not allowed to go to the dog park unless authorized by one of the co-founders. You may take your foster for walks, but no dog parks. Please do not take puppies who do not have their full sets of vaccines and boosters to public places as they can easily pick up diseases.
For adult dogs we provide food and crate. If available, we will also give you toys and treats, collars and leashes. This is dependent on our donation supply. For pregnant mamas we provide the whelping pool, pen, crate, scale, food, collars, blankets and towels if available, formula if needed, one box of puppy pads, thermometer and a whelping kits. For litters of puppies we provide food, crate, pen, pool if needed and one box of puppy pads if needed. If you need new or different supplies please contact us.
Please contact us BEFORE you run out of food so we can arrange to get you more.
We require that you keep your foster in a crate (or pen if you have a litter) when you leave the house and at night. This is for everyone’s safety. Dogs who are not crated can get into things and eat things they are not supposed to.
Please let us know about it as soon as possible! We have trainers that help our fosters and many of our staff and volunteers are also able to provide help and tips.
Please contact us and we will provide you with a plastic crate which are much harder for dogs to escape from.