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Storks Landing

DCCR wanted to help reduce the number of homeless and unwanted dogs in our local shelters and on the streets.

The Storks Landing program is designed to allow caring families with unusual circumstances be able to keep their loved family pet in the case of unwanted litters.  DCCR finds long term foster homes capable of allowing a mother dog to whelp her litter, nurse, wean her litter and recover until her spay surgery can be scheduled.  The puppies are surrendered to the rescue and the mom will be spayed and fully vaccinated before returning to her owner’s home.  All puppies will be placed in our adoption program, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and first set of vaccines will be given before finding their forever homes.  This program ensures that your pet will never have the stress of an unwanted litter again, and that her offspring will not be able to contribute to the overwhelming numbers of homeless animals in our community.  Your pet has been approved by our rescue to participate in this program, provided you agree to all terms and circumstances below.  This program will provide maternity care to your pet and her offspring during the term of her foster stay.

If you know someone who could benefit from this program please let us know!

Click here to fill out and download the Storks Landing Application